About Patti

Patti Bess is the author of Vegetarian Barbecue and was the host of What’sCookin’ on KVMR radio for ten years. She began teaching vegetarian cooking classes in 1977, has written travel and food stories for more than 30 magazines, and is a regular columnist with the Grass Valley Union newspaper.  Since their children have grown, she and husband, David, have become enthusiastic independent travelers.

Patti follows the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. She first went on pilgrimage to India in 2007 with seven other women.


I am writing this blog to share the challenges and rewards of travelling off the beaten track, and the warm wonderful connections with people on the road. With internet connections almost everywhere, traveling independently is so doable

This blog is also about that feeling of transcendence that a few places on earth evoke. I want to share the powerful impact these places had on me as well as the adventures of finding them. The lessons learned on the road, the motivation, and the longing to experience that deep oneness/unity of life. And, of course, the great food and fun.


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